Neo Project

Galateca Gallery, together with Neo Art Association, hosted on Thursday, 20th of June, the opening of the exhibition Maiastra- the untold story of the Romanian traditional blouse, the Ie. The exhibition brings into the public attention the Romanian traditional blouse- Ia- as a identitary symbol and art object.

Galateca, in partnership with Neo Art Romania, took part at Strada de C’Arte, the biggest open air book fair in Bucharest organised by the Central University Library and Carol I Foundation, between 20 and 28th of September. Book launches, jazz evenings, creative workshops, theater, exhibitions will all transform the event in a true feast of the 7 arts. Galateca and Neo Art Romania took part for the first time at Strada de C’Arte.

In July 2014, Mircea Roman, the only Romanian artist who won the big award at the Osaka Trienale (Japan), the most  prestigious award in the field, presented his work of art at Galateca. Moreover, on the Romanian transaction market, Mircea Roman is the only Romanian artist auctioned together with Grigorescu, Tonitza, Aman and Petrascu.

Persian love, the closing event of the exhibition of Maiastra-the untold story of the Romanian blouse it might have been a surprise for the public. Following a script by Rodica mandache, after an ideea of Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi, the show brought together three Romanian artists and an Iranian musician. Four youngsters revealed to the audience how close we are with each other. This happens because we have a symbolic comun code present in the ancient culture of our cultures, a solar culture, tributary to the Mithraism.