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Opening Maiastra the untold story of the Romanian traditional blouse at Galateca Gallery


Galateca Gallery, together with Neo Art Association, hosted on Thursday, 20th of June, the opening of the exhibition Maiastra- the untold story of the Romanian traditional blouse, the Ie. The exhibition brings into the public attention the Romanian traditional blouse- Ia- as a identitary symbol and art object. Organised in partnership with the online community La Blouse Roumaine, the exhibition lasted until 25th of August and it involved several activities and events.The most important, having a very powerful symbolic meaning, was celebrating the Universal Day of the Romanian Blouse -Ia- on 23rd of June. The celebration started with the Sanziene Fest, an ancient tradition part of the Romanian folklore.

The exhibition presented a selection of  heritage Romanian blouses, showcased as an art installation, as well as the famous archive photographs of Her Majesty Queen Marie of Romania dressed in the traditional blouse and  200 photos taken in the interwar period, belonging to the British collectioner Beryl de Zoete, depicting images of the Romanian blouse from the ancient times, the Cucuteni culture up to the contemporary era, with famous fashion collections, signed by Yves Saint Laurent, Jean Paul Gaultier and Tom Ford.