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Strada de C’Arte


Galateca, in partnership with Neo Art Romania, took part at Strada de C’Arte, the biggest open air book fair in Bucharest organised by the Central University Library and Carol I Foundation, between 20 and 28th of September. Book launches, jazz evenings, creative workshops, theater, exhibitions will all transform the event in a true feast of the 7 arts. Galateca and Neo Art Romania took part for the first time at Strada de C’Arte. Moreover, Galateca was the only contemporary art gallery present at the activities, with the exhibition Come to crash and the series of books from Henwood Library, as well as with an open stand on the festival street.

During the festival, the visitor could enjoy the creative sound installation signed by the Romanian-Norwegian artist Timon Botez. The installation story starts from the ideea that the objects, through their shape and weight have an inherent sound. This project took place during the art bienale associated with the Enescu International Festival.  
Neogalateca invited all the literature lovers both at the Gallery Shop, as well as on Strada de C’Arte street together with reputed publishing houses. The selection of books included books from Henwood Library, such as Body &Soul, Robert Frank or the very rare copy of Beastly Baby.
The publishing house founder, Simon Hwnwood, selected exclusivley for the Romanian public a series of 10 rare books, acquired from famous British bookstores. The selectin was presented for the first time during Strada de C’Arte, NeoGalatece being the first international avanpost of the publishing house.

For 8 days, Strada de C’Arte Festival transfomed Boteanu street and the University Library in an alive cultural space. Book launches, poetry nights, live concerts, movie and theater events. The acces to all the events is free. Moe information can be found on