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Persian love@Galateca


Persian love, the closing event of the exhibition of Maiastra-the untold story of the Romanian blouse it might have been a surprise for the public. Following a script by Rodica mandache, after an ideea of Vincent Paronnaud and Marjane Satrapi, the show brought together three Romanian artists and an Iranian musician. Four youngsters revealed to the audience how close we are with each other. This happens because we have a symbolic comun code present in the ancient culture of our cultures, a solar culture, tributary to the Mithraism. The sewed symbols on the Ie are found as well on the Persian carpet and together they tell the story of the beginning of the world, the traditional Romanian calendar meddling with the Persian one, our pre-Christian carols have mithraic themes such as the Lion’s hunt or the motive of the rock born son. The mithraic symbols and the monument discovered on the territory of the old Dacia (the ancient name of the country) around 300, are more numerous than the ones in Asia Minor.

The show presented on the 21st of August invited the guest to enter in the world of Esfahan, the city as big as half of the world, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, than to Shiraz, the city of poets and philosophers, of the kings and warriors, of the orange trees and roses and to Yazd, the cradle of the Zoroastriens, the phantasmagoric yellow city, watched by the Silence Towers.

Script play - Rodica Mandache
Musica – Amir Heidarkhodaee

Azarel - Monica Margareta Muşat
Irane - Andreea Mihaela Tănase
Nasser Ali – Nicholas Caţianis, Amir Heidarkhodaee